The Cryptome Archives

For those struggling to get a hold of the full Cryptome archives, I will make the below freely and easily accessible.
I have offered to Cryptome on various occasions to help them do a real mirror to make the data accessible, but they don't seem interested.

Without the data being accessible, it nullifies the point of transparency.
I'm aware the file structure is horrendous, but this is how Cryptome supplies them to people.


Date File Size Magnet/Torrent Download
HTTPS Download
Nov 2015
39.8GB Magnet Download HTTPS Download 50f35ec4a51bc85bf976a711bafc63b6c427b79b 754a40f1095e84f21247efae1281a33844575fd6cc24c048ea441ba16755e038
Jun 2016
40.7GB Magnet Download HTTPS Download 57f8393f360ca03d73e4d3db7909931d8a054751 0bd54c03d7ff2cf8ceaef41969ea59d5289d85fa2467b4555d6ce32b51fa5e1a

Tip: The magnet/torrent download is usually quicker, but it is not anonymous.
If you want to download anonymously, use the Tor Browser and download using HTTPS.

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